Monday, October 30, 2006

Reunion Official Information

Date: Saturday November 25
Where: Putter's Pub & Grill 1524 4th Ave Rock Island (near The District)
Time: 7:00pm room open, appetizers from 8-10pm
Cost: $20/person (collected at the door)

Menu: Assorted Veggie Tray, Swedish Meatballs, Fried Chicken Wings (3 sauces), BBQ Smokey's, Mini sandwiches (turkey & ham), chips & salsa, crab mold dip

One keg of beer will be provided along with a DJ

Putter's has a bar downstairs, but our reunion will be upstairs. We have 2 large rooms that will *seat* 150 people, with plenty more room for more if needed. For those of you who do not drink, I think you'll be plenty satisfied with the location we chose. You have the option to stay away from the keg/liquor area and there's a seperate room available for you to hang out in.

As far as Friday night before, some people have already booked rooms at the Holiday Inn Moline. *If you get a room* you will be able to swim and bring up to 5 people with you. If you feel like coming out just to socialize, there will be an area in the back part of the hotel where the rooms will be that people will be drinking and have snacks and stuff. If you do choose to go to that area, please bring a snack and your own alcohol with you. The Holiday Inn does allow drinking out in the open area by the main entrance pool if you choose to be there. I have a rate of $89/night, but if you can get a cheaper rate then rock on!

*** We will be having a meeting this Sunday (Nov. 5th) at 7pm at the Holiday Inn lounge to try to get addresses and information for people we don't have contact information for yet. If you would like to come and help us, please bring your yearbook, a phonebook, and cell phone.***

Friday, October 27, 2006

New Spotlights Added

Tony Spranger
Christine Mathena
Adam Cornell
Nick Passig
Sara Votroubek

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Reunion Update

I sent this out in email for the one's I have but for those of you who I don't have emails for this is what I sent: You can either reply to me by email or in the comments section for this post

Hey Everyone - Just trying to get the reunion finalized

Ok so here's the deal: It's definently the weekend after Thanksgiving which is Saturday, November 25th.

I need to know what you guys would prefer to do
A. Have drinks, DJ @ Holiday Inn Moline avg. $20/person
B. Meet at a bar Saturday night and have drinks
C. Other location (give suggestions)

I'm concerned with how many people will be here. The more people, the less the cost would be to have it at the Holiday Inn. We need at LEAST 100 people at $20 a person just to cover the room charge, with no food. That will not include any liquor. Mike Ducey has offered to cover the cost for the DJ.

There are some people who have already reserved rooms at the Holiday Inn in Moline by the back pool area. If you call them 309-762-8811 tell them you are with the Moline High School reunion and we have a discounted rate of 89/night. I think most of us have rooms for both friday and saturday, and if you come out friday night we can do like a family night where kids can swim and etc. we can have our own little mini thing with snacks etc. and have a few beers.

We have to get a decision made on location. Please only respond if you plan on attending and let me know how many people (either you or you and spouse)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

New Spotlights

Steve Shelton
Sarah Luth